To uphold and remember those of the show-business industry who gave so much to boost morale during World War 2 both at home and on the front line. To reinforce their contribution to the war effort through a lasting memorial along with presentations and educational programmes for schools, organisations and the general public. Thus creating a legacy to both present and future generations!


Since we began the appeal 6 months ago we have almost reached our second thousand pounds which is great but with lockdown and Covid restrictions happening any fund raising events, the Charities Commission won’t allow us to register with them until we have a minimum of five thousand in the bank. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation as once we have the charity number a number of individuals and organisations have said that they will donate to the appeal.

The trustees ask if you can donate whatever you can to help us reach this initial target of £5k. If every member in this group donated £10 or More we would easily achieve this goal.

To make a donation please visit our Jumblebee page and click on the donate icon.

Thank you all. Keep safe & well

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